Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shaking things up a bit!

Yesterday, I woke up with the urge to move some things around here at The House on Lavender Hill.  I have been in a rut and thought re-arranging some furniture might just give me new perspective.

 I switched the living room and dining rooms years ago, when my son first got sick.  The original dining room (with the fireplace) was too cramped for him to move around the table with his scooter.  So one morning, much like yesterday's, I just pushed and groaned and changed up the rooms.  {Hey, it was cheaper than therapy when your son is waiting for a heart transplant!}  By the time my husband got home, the electrician was finishing up moving the chandelier - Surprise,  Honey!

While yesterday's switch-a-roo was no where near as dramatic,  we both love the changes and how they opened up the living room.  I also took advantage of the moving to do a deep clean on the room and do some Spring Fluffing!

A few of my favorite details:

Country  bunny from our very first Easter married!

Made the stinker on the back of the couch this winter and
the needlepoint bunny many, many decades ago!

That little cow and bunny we bought in New Hampshire..
it's a music box that plays 
"In my Easter Bonnet" !

There's something about bright plastic Easter Eggs
that just makes me happy!

I fluffed the dining room and porch too.... 
I'll save those for another day.

Today I'm Spring cleaning the guest room and I think there may 
be some switch-a-roo'ing going on in there too!


Nay said...

I love the new arrangement!!! Looks beautiful! Very open and light!

Debbie said...

Wow, girlie!! That's a lot of furniture to move around!
Everything looks lovely. I like the sofa next to the fireplace...nice and cozy.
It sure looks like Spring has sprung inside your house!