Sunday, March 2, 2014

What's Been Going on here on Lavender Hill

Things have been a little crazy here at The House on Lavender Hill.

My sweet Jacob had an awful gallbladder attack and ended up having emergency surgery last week!  They had to remove a gangrenous mess and since he's a heart transplant patient, things were a little more complicated.  

But, after five days in the hospital, he's finally home and on the road to recovery!

In the mean time I have several things fresh off the hook and needle:

A grey and yellow baby blanket for one of Jacob's nurses.

A big, fat, fluffy "T" pillow...
for a sweet, sweet little girl who's about to become a big sister !
"T" is for "Teagan" !

I finished the third square on the stitch a long project!
I really do love it and it's been so fun to work on!

Finally... I've been plugging away at this queen size patchwork stinker
for my bed.  Since I only work on it in-between jobs, it's been a slow 
Work In Progress:

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Edythe said...

So to hear your precious Jacob is home and recovering! Your knitting and needlework are so beautiful!!!

Susan said...

So glad you hear your son is on-the-mend. You have been busy with your creative projects. Nice job! Susan

Debbie said...

So happy that Jacob is home, and feeling better.
What beautiful work you do Gena!!
Looks like you keep yourself busy during these cold winter months.
Good for you, sweet girl.