Monday, November 18, 2013

A little stitching going on!

In my younger days I loved embroidery, needlepoint and cross stitching.  As I got older, my eyes stopped cooperating and I put down the needles and took up the hook much more often.

The twinsies bought me a nifty OTT lamp with a built in magnifier and volia - the eyes got the help they needed to stitch again!

So, I took a couple of days off from hooking and stitched up this:

It's much simpler than anything I did in the past - 
but it was quick and a fun way to get back to stitching!

I've picked the hook back up and am busy completing
a bunch of orders while I watch Homeland online...
I just started the series and it's pretty interesting so far.

Any one else like to watch shows and movies while they craft?

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Jensamom23 said...

What a fantastic tool in order to stich again! So thoughtful.

Ellen said...

I suffered the same fate as you - older eyes. I used to cross stitch everything, but not in quite a few years. This getting older can often be for the birds!

BECKY said...

Hi Gena! I need something like that for just about everything: sewing,reading, etc! I used to love embroidering, too. I never tried the counted cross stitch. I like the old-fashioned, stamped version! I also did crewel embroidery, and...something else I can't think of the name of right now....Grrr...! LOL