Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TV House Tuesday....Good Luck Charlie

Yes, I watch the Disney Channel.
No, I do not have small children.

Ok - now that we've got my maturity level covered....
 on to Good Luck Charlie !

The premise of the sitcom revolves around a young family with three teen agers, nurse mom and exterminator dad.  And absolutely scrumptious, two year old Charlie !


The show is set in Denver and the house is ADORABLE !
Young, full of color, energy and unexpected fun details.

The exterior:

The porch has a funky park bench that has a mess of 
chippy paint scrubbed off:

The living room is a combination of teals and soft greens:

I love the crisp white built-ins and the green painted stairs.
I'd worry the stairs wouldn't hold up to much traffic in real life:

Stacked stone fireplace.... drool:

The kitchen has lots of the same greens
with a pop of bright blue, a rustic table used as an island
and the coolest chalkboard refrigerator:

I wish I could have found a better shot of the vintage stove:

The Duncan kids have a fun basement playroom.
Mama Duncan is often seen doing the laundry down there too:

More chalkboard paint on the walls down there:

Although not very practical, the rope railing is a fun look:

Behind those humongous sliding barn doors
(in delicious aquamarine) is oldest daughter
Teddy's bedroom:

The lavender walls look so sweet with the pops of
bright pink, yellow and the signature teal.
What teenage girl wouldn't love a lair like this, 
complete with a groovy platform for her bed :

I'm not sure why this house is so appealing to me, 
after all it's absolutely NOTHING like Lavender Hill...
But it's just so much fun and creative - 
its become another show to watch....
just for the house !

Apparently I'm not the only one obsessed with the
Good Luck Charlie House - 
All these pictures and tons more came up with a simple
Google Images search !!!!


Janie Fox said...

Have you seen the house from Practical Magic... the older movie with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman? Fabulous!!!

Debbie said...

Isn't it fun to look at homes that "might" be real for someone?
The ones I like are usually older homes with LOTS of character. Much like the one you shared today. LOVE those colors!

Anonymous said...

I love Teddy's room!!!
i am thinking of decorating my room like that :)

Anonymous said...

I really want to decorate my room like Teddy's... i've been looking aroung on websites but I just can't find HOW to decorate it like that... know any good places?