Thursday, June 3, 2010

Freshening up the Porch !

The pillows on the porch were looking kinda sad, so I looked through my stash this morning and made up a couple of new ones with scraps of fabrics and an old tea towel !

I also grabbed a quilt from the linen closet.... the boys gf's are skinny little things and are always cold, so it's nice to have a quilt out there for cuddling !

I'm having some series spray paint envy - you blog girls know who I'm talking about !  You all get out those cans and voila:  gorgeous color !  I on the other hand, used three cans of pink spray paint ( the kind they advertise for plastic ) on the hideous hand me down rocking chairs and finally gave up !  So, one is pink - not even a pretty pink mind you - and the other is still dingy white.  I think I'm just going to buy regular paint and splash some real color on there !

Around the corner of the porch there's a french door to the dining room and the steps down to the side garden.  Right now I have these red wicker chairs from First Born's college condo out there.  I think they're heading up to the twins balcony though, since they need seating up there and no one 
uses them here.   

I came across some red gingham in my stash to remake the pillows, the green ones are old and seriously yucky !  The kids made those birdhouses many years ago for father's day.  I had planned to hang them but I want to keep them out of the weather so they don't get any worse off !

The lavender has lots of buds on it - can't wait until they bloom !  This is the side yard area below the porch.  I got the slate for the $25 I paid the street crew to haul it up to the yard when they re-did the sidewalks in front of Lavender Hill.  These were the original town sidewalks we're told !

Off to finish the pillows for the back yard furniture ...................................................................


Minnie said...

Oh, I just love what you've done on your porch. It looks so cozy and inviting. Lovely pillows that you whipped up. I wonder if you needed to prime those rocking chairs before spray painting them? Or maybe you did that and the paint just didn't work the way it was supposed to ... regardless, your porch still looks great.

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Looking great! Can't believe the spray paint didn't work - we are Rustoleum fans if that helps :)

Liz said...

My goodness! Your home is so beautiful and peaceful! That's a perfect porch for reading. :)

Vintage Sassy said...

Love the lavender gingham pillow...I want to just sit down and have a glass of lemonade. Have a great day.


Leah said...

wow your pillows turned out so cute!